Frequently asked questions…

Do Legends Memorabilia And Auctions accept private sales with customers?

Yes. If you have specific requests for original production items we will do our best to help locate these products for you in our inventory and discuss terms/pricing with you.

How do we access these types of production items?

Legends Memorabilia has been in the industry for over 15 years and have built strong relationships with various studios and networks. We obtain these goods straight from the studios either here in Hollywood’s North, Vancouver BC or set location.

How can I be sure these screen used items are authentic?

Authenticity is becoming a major problem in the entertainment industry for various types of products. Legends Memorabilia And Auctions takes special concern to this and provides you with a signed and sealed certificate from our facility or obtain this type of authentication straight from the production office themselves when available. We also pay extra attention to detail by providing extensive research into locating these items on-screen providing episode, character details when available including screen captures. Rest assured, we’re legit.

Do Legends Memorabilia charge a buyers premium?

Short answer, NO. Unlike almost all other auction houses, we don’t charge these types of premiums to our fans. Normally you would pay anywhere from 10%-30% set buyers fees to all auction listings won, but the hammer price is the final price (other than s/h fees).

Will Legends Memorabilia allow sellers to place their auction items on their website like Ebay?

This is something we are looking forward to in the future. We understand the need for fans to trade/sell their props or costumes and may find it useful to do so through our auction program. More information in regards to this topic will be released in the near future. You can always let us know in advance any items you may for sale or discuss consignment options.

Does Legends Memorabilia involve charities in their auctions?

YES. We have been lucky enough to be involved with multiple non-profit organizations including Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sanctuary For Kids, World Fit For Kids and more. Whenever possible Legends always encourages the involvement of actors/crew and social media outlets to help raise awareness. We will advise in our listings if partial proceeds are to be donated to a non-profit organization and provide more info.

Do we have a retail location or a site to view inventory?

We’ve done retail before, its better online. We don’t have a retail location and don’t keep the majority of inventory stored on site. Our product is safe and sound stored in a secure location, but sorry no visitors.

Do Legends Memorabilia attend fan events or conventions?

Yes. We have attended many shows in the past and will likely continue to do so when we see fit. You can always send us an email to inquire about our attendance to an event.

Who is Legends Canada?

Well Legends Canada is our sister company. They now represent the autograph division and specialize in custom collectible memorabilia. We are not the same enterprise and communications, emails, pricing are separate from our online store. If you have inquires for their products, please contact legends@shaw.ca

Will we be obtaining new product from future Television series or Motion Picture productions?

Yes. We are continually building relationships with these productions and strive to bring more unique memorabilia to the fans. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.

Are all the items listed everything you have available in inventory?

Happy to say no. As mentioned we pay serious attention to detail and it doesn’t always lead to hundreds and thousands of products being listed all at once. We have many items not listed for sale but we will continue to post new items on a weekly basis unless on holiday of course!

Do the staff at Legends Memorabilia And Auctions like pizza?

Yes. We love pizza.


If we’ve missed some points just send us an email and we’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks for looking!